The Irreversible Bonds [ON HOLD/EDITING]

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Before any of you start reading this and asking me why I am not updating, it is because I really cannot stand how this is turning out so I am going to rewrite the whole thing which will take some time. I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. There is no turning back... Lyra Kate. She's just your typical 15-year-old girl, having just started high school, trying to fit in. She's in a new school, knowing next to no one, and being shy does not help her make friends. Everything about her seems normal right? Wrong. She isn't just your typical next-door neighbour. Well, she nearly is. The only thing that differ between you and her is one deal. The deal that will bound her and trap her forever if she signs it, almost like a death warrant. The deal that she has no choice but to sign. The deal that will bring heavy consequences in her life once it is sealed. The deal that changes her life forever.
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This is so intriguing and wonderful. I don't read much stories about arrranged marriages, but great job to you on this.
A unique story! I've read the likes of this! I like how rebellious the main character is:)
so far so good :)
characterization and descriptions are like so good :)
aww arranged marriages ! poor girl :( 
I love your use of descriptive language and strong character development, should lead to an interesting plot :)
i like the descriptions that you gave and the story was really well written. voted
This is really good. I love the descriptions used,  it's amazing for a first story. Keep up the good work! :D

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