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anakelia By anakelia Updated 4 years ago

That's so sad! I wish in the future to help kids like you because it breaks my heart.
You are so much stronger than me. You were never a coward just a defenseless girl. I'm not sure off I'll ever tell my story to the world but you gave me the strength to at least write out down.
seriously u re strong person to be able to tell your story.. i'm really sorry for what happened to you...
I'm so so sorry this happened to you I hope someone puts a bullet through his brain and castrates the man who gave you life because he is not a father if he brought that filth around you stay strong hun
You can't take back what is lost. I had to forgive so that I can smile again. But I can never forget
You shouldn't forgive the useless, bag of bones that did that to you. But, for me I had to, especially when the man was my dad and I loved and still love him. I had to forgive him when he was dying. That was the only way I could heal.