Bound At Heart

Alexis Dramon 'Lexi' is ripped away from the life she knows. What was supposed to be a nice family visit turned into her own persoanl nightmare. Read along her difficult journey to find a way out, and trusting a man who's supposed to be the enemy...
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The same things is happening in England. Are year 7 are getting shorter as well 
What the hell is wrong with Lexi and Uncle Ryan? I smell some pedophille-ness here....
Uncle Ryan creeps me out but I don't wanna confuse him with my own uncle, okay moving on
Here is a note: gets does not have an apostrophe but other than that it is great so far!
Wanna read a good book? Try this;
"If you want or need things done, don't wait until someone notices you. Chances are, you'll be waiting for the rest of your life."

So true..

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