Chasing Suicide (BoyxBoy)

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BeyondMyBirthday By BeyondMyBirthday Completed
Jude's life goal is to make people happy. He finally gets his chance, but with Aster, the unsocial 17 year old that nobody wants to handle. Will he be able to save him from depression and worst of all, suicide?
Bobby pins have multiple uses i don't see why he cant use them to ^_^ lol yes
This is great thing to know... And will somehow come in handy in my lifetime
who created you cover?  it looks amazing and I would love to use the picture (if that is fine with you)
Yes! Bobby pins are not only for girls! I wore them too occasionally. Grr.
Are you Canadian? I am. I just noticed how you spelled colour. In America they don't have the "u" sorry I'm creepy.
I'm just laughing because the abbreviation for brown is so stupid, all they do is take out the O. Brown shouldn't even have an abbreviation