My Lyric's

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Whitney By FlowerofHope Updated 4 years ago
Lyrics that I write, some have diffrent meanings, some I have no idea what Im talking about but basically almost all these events have happen in my life. Leave me a comment, let me know what you think? Vote is you like it and, even fan :D Will also be glad to read anyones stories, poetry, lyrics, whatever you want me to read also.
i like it. im writting lyrics too, i love writting. you can read them if you are interested. keep goin :)
This sounds like it came from quite deep in your heart (: touching, *voted
You have a true gift, these are amazing. I will vote and fan. :)
I love this. You truly have a gift. I can't write lyrics or poems to save my life. haha. I love it. It's deep and sad but it's captivating and I voted. :D
So cute<3 I really really like it! I like these kind of lyrics. You did a great job! Voted, and added to my library!
This is so beautiful and powerful. I wish I could hear the son! I love these kinda of lyrics, so foreboding and insightful.