Sand through my toes

Surfing is my life. You know the typical mother remarries and you move houses. Well I'll tell you one thing, this isn't typical, I mean yes, it is true but did you know my step grandmother is a lunatic? or the my biological father is potentially mentally unstable? Atleast I have the waves...
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That old bat should have been charged for asault! hmm very curious to know what happens between jen and the officer ;-)
That was a crazy chapter!! wohoo! What is with that old woman and her attitude!*scowls*
I think this is interesting, not one bit boring. :)
You're a good writer, keep it up :)
@XsnailyX aw, no problem:) it was quite enjoyable and it made my day that it made your day:) lol
sand through my toes is soooooo kooooollllll, awsome and such a masterpiece

I CAN'T WAIT FOR SOME MORE CHAPTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
This is a true masterpiece and this is something i'm willing to pay 
This would be welcome in my online store

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