Just One of the Boys

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_booksiebooksie By _booksiebooksie Updated 4 years ago
Samantha Harvey and her twin brother Alex are best friends. When they were five their dad passed away and they both found comfort in friends. Sam having always been around the boys she was just another guy to them. She fell hard for her brother's best friend Eric, he was her friend to but it wasn't the same. Sam's best friend, Mandi, is extremely girly and when Sam asks her for help to make Eric notice she isn't just another "guy", she learns being herself is all she needed. But then what if another.. someone gets in the way?
evelynrulez evelynrulez a year ago
Can I use some of your character names in my book I promise I'll give credit to the names I used
KayMichW1017 KayMichW1017 a year ago
Luv it! You are such an amazing writer. R u gonna try to publish ur books?
redboots redboots 3 years ago
I like the story do far I no its only the first chapter but I'm addicted already :D !!!!
NataZolotaya NataZolotaya 4 years ago
This is only the first chapter, but i am already sooo into it!
_TooSexyForMyShirt _TooSexyForMyShirt 4 years ago
LOL i like it :D id like to be friends with them lot..Sams a kool character;D Sam and Eric need to get together....just sayin ;) WHAT THE DUECE?! < family guy inti :) x
noticetheroses noticetheroses 4 years ago
luvh it! its great! Samantha and Eric are sooooo in luvh! i love romance!