Spin the Bottle

Rachel and Miles have been best friends since they were ten-years-old. He's the dangerous, mysterious playboy, while she's the shy, innocent good girl. An unlikely pair, for sure, these two have never seen each other as anything more than just "friends." But, one day, Miles convinces Rachel to attend a party in celebration of their senior year of high school. Will an innocent game of "Spin the Bottle" change their relationship forever? Thanks for stopping by! Since you're here, feel free to follow me :) I posted the first chapter of this story in mid-September 2013
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I get along with boys better than I get along with girls, most girl fricking hate me!! I seriously have no idea why!!
Whatever happened to chivalry? Why is he changing first instead of letting the lady change first?
Reading this, I see song titles. Another song I like: without you by: ashes remain
I loved the French Revolution. That was the best thing we learned about in history
That's what me and my ex best friend promised b4 she went and changed and became a b****
Oh nooooo!!!! Not the alcohol!!!!! Seriously girl do u not know what high school parties r like. I'm a freshmen who's nevr been 2 a party and I know.

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