WWE One Shots {Requests Open}

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ChristyRusher1994 By ChristyRusher1994 Completed
Just a collection of the WWE One Shots I'll be doing for fun and requests! Don't be shy! I'd love to write for you!
AutumnRain1D AutumnRain1D a day ago
Could you please make a Dolph Ziggler one? My name is Julia and for the storyline can you Make me get dolph's job back like john cena did?....:)
MorganVankeuren12 MorganVankeuren12 4 months ago
Can you please make an aj lee one my name is morgan and I'm a guy
HotWingLuvEver HotWingLuvEver 5 months ago
could you make me one with Dolph Ziggler please. My name is Keara if you need anymore details message me
twerkinhayes twerkinhayes 6 months ago
if u don't mind can u make 2 for one seth rollins and one dean ambrose please btw my name is Melissa thanks
AmarieMoore AmarieMoore 6 months ago
Can you make another Ambrose one please? This one was awesome.
canadiangirlx canadiangirlx 6 months ago
Can you please make me a Chris Jericho one shot, my name is Ashley!