Phases of Love [Discontinued]

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_TheSilverSharpie By _TheSilverSharpie Updated 3 years ago
"Love is just a phase... she'll grow out of it."

Paris spent her entire life under harsh rules: No sleep until homework's done, no parties, maximum of three friends, but most importantly, no falling in love.

Paris doesn't mind as much as one would think. She likes her regular schedule upheld by tight rules.

Ryan is the opposite of Paris' tightly academic life. Caught on the wrong side of things at a young age, Paris sees her late mom in Ryan and his reckless habits.

Paris, however, can't seem to separate her life from Ryan's after their first encounter and is pulled into the one thing she never wanted anything to do with: love.
xXTheBelieverXx xXTheBelieverXx 3 years ago
I love how she based her name off of the city of love, that's so sweet XD
Rabbit333icecream Rabbit333icecream 3 years ago
AWWW i love it already, mum's got some colourful vocabulary :)
synymin_jade synymin_jade 3 years ago
You'll be happy to know that I am a HUGE fan of FOUL FUCKING LANGUAGE!
Lol, anyway, this story sounds really interesting so I'm gonna go to the first chapter and read that shit!
summerglitters summerglitters 3 years ago
haha idk y but i found it kinda funny! but the ending was like awwww <3
:) voted.
iDorKiEE iDorKiEE 3 years ago
"What are you going to name IT?" 

The baby's an IT?! AHHHHHHHH
PaulineLouise_xo PaulineLouise_xo 3 years ago
You were right, the dialogue does make the story more realistic. :D Though it was a short chapter, it caught my attention and I enjoyed reading it. You have great descriptions that flow perfectly with the dialogue. Great job! (: