Lost in His World (A Sasuke Fanfic)

When Mika went to Japan, she never imagined that her trip would turn into a disaster. After her cruise ship sunk and she stayed afloat in the water for who knows how many hours, she found herself on a strange island which she first thought was deserted. That was until several men suddenly appeared and tried to kill her! Will she survive this island and its inhabitants? Or will she die trying? NOTE: I may not always follow the original story line from the manga. I might also deviate from the original character/personalities of the characters that I'll use in this story. So while reading this, if you think Sasuke did or said something that the Sasuke in the manga wouldn't do/say, just know that I deliberately did that for this story's purpose. However, I do believe that Sasuke, although maybe a jerk and quite obsessed with his family issues, is actually more human than a lot of fans think.
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wha...crushh ko talaga c sasuke...wish ko sana madaming lkibro na tungkol at kaqsali c bhebe sasuke ^_^
OMFLJ!! Please please update. It's so amazing! Love the characters,love split,love everything!
The way you went about this whole story is interesting and very unique. Can't wait for the next chapter.  :)
mahilig din po ba kayo sa Naruto???ahehhehe ang i think magugustuhan ko tong story na to ^_^
@Yllianna That must be it xD haha Hmm, actually, i was just really amazed that i forgot to imagine myself as her >< HAHA

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