Not Another Vampire Story-The Adventures Of A Little Jinxx

If you think this is one of those stories were some stupid girl decides to take a walk in the middle of the night and gets kidnapped by none other than a ridiculously good looking vampire. (Which reminds me why do they have to be really good looking or so ugly you die by just looking at them? Why can’t they be average good looking or average ugly? Anyways I’m getting off topic) Then you're wrong...well not entirely...But I’m not some stupid chick and i don't go walking in the middle of the night, without being prepared of course. You know like bringing your favorite sword with you when taking a stroll. *PLEASE NOTE THAT MY WRITING HAS IMPROVED A LOT SINCE I STARTED THIS STORY. THE PLOT GETS BETTER AS WELL. ENJOY!*
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I'm glad this isn't one directions stuff i hate how all these 12 year old girls post the MOST innapropiate things they want on 1D and it is sooooo annoying :,(
Yay! Some humour ^_^ This seems like a good piece, and I like the fact that you're using humor as well as other topics. Good work! I'll keep reading and see what happens! :)
This is quite funny XD Love how she pretends to fall back asleep
Just finished your first page and I'm already intrigued. It's refreshing to see a good story line coupled with good grammar. Keep writing and I'll keep reading!

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