The Children with the Color Names

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Katharine M. By FirePokeMaster Completed
~*~*~Four girls with power, water, air, fire, earth, destined to save all. But four girls will get in the way, and try to destroy all~*~*~
    Blue, Violet, Red, and Amber always thought they were normal ordinary girls, just with a few strange talents. They all go to a school called Mageia High in Jacksonville Florida and have a normal life. They never meet up and become good friends until the first day of school which is a mixed ages class, and are paired up for a science project. Soon enough, the four girls are given a prophecy to find four stones to save not only their own lives, but the world from a dark evil magic ahead. These stones are known as the Blue stone, Violet stone, Red stone, and Amber stone. To find them, the girls must look hard. But it’s harder than you think. To find these stones, they may have to lie and steal from the ones they love. And at the same time, four other girls are looking for the same stones, and the girls must be aware with the kids they decide to trust. These other girls could be their best friend, or worst enemy. This quest the girls are on is life threatening, and they may lose someone. Could they survive and save the world from the Dark Magic that lies ahead?
This is a really good book. Not lots of spelling errors, which I liked.  I ill your writing style a lot, it is similar to how I write. Keep writing!
I draw all the time, weird stuff and anime. (Weird stuff as in wolves in fields  and yeah, it's sad.) I get in trouble and I have to show it to the class, then erase it. My school is mean, I want to go to the school in the book.
My birthday is July 25 2001 heheh.
                                    It's kinda close don't judge meeee lol.
Rofl why r u doodling in geography? Bro thats sad iluuu muahh
Wow this is really good and I like that it is a different sort of idea than other stories, sorry I took so long to reply and thanks for suggesting this!
What a creative idea! i like the names haha, this is quite different to the other stories on here, which is a good thing! keep it up (: