My mom is a prostitute, my dad a sex addict, my brother and I are...?

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Brother and Sister in love? U dont hear that everyday.
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wow well I would love him to...shit. Lolz he seems like a genuinely amazing guy he sounds extremely attractive. can't blame her growing up in an environment like that. 
You act like he was about to sell her to sex traffickers off the damn balcony! Jesus Christ people get a grip
oh hell nah. I can't even think about doing that with my brother. you got me fūcked up.
but isn't her mom a prostitute and her dad a sex addict? I mean, the chances are that they could be half siblings. I mean that would still be gross but it could be a possibility
Ya don't we all I am not singing California girls sorry everyone
Yall stop complainin lmao she literally says it in the description and tags