My mom is a prostitute, my dad a sex addict, my brother and I are...?

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lovemefoeva By lovemefoeva Completed
Brother and Sister in love? U dont hear that everyday.
inkchild_1820 inkchild_1820 7 days ago
I thought she was like on top of the 'social pyramid' ??? 'Living the high life'
ExoL_ARMY25 ExoL_ARMY25 10 days ago
But how can you even dare to have feelings with your friggin brother?
EspisaurusMatt EspisaurusMatt 24 days ago
My mum is a prostitute,my dad a sex addict,my brother and I are...? TOGETHER? IN LOVE? TELL MEEEE!!?!
EspisaurusMatt EspisaurusMatt 24 days ago
Haha she's a daughter long legs!!! You get it....instead..of a daddy...long ok I shut up now
fadexaway fadexaway a month ago
answered the phone.. and then flipped it open and answered it??
DeDe_Green DeDe_Green a month ago
No my mom did that to me, telling me to get my arse home to clean my room