My mom is a prostitute, my dad a sex addict, my brother and I are...?

Brother and Sister in love? U dont hear that everyday.
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like this question is rlly like wtf but like does david pay for brenda?or does he get it for free
Hmm this is different but I like it . Well the story not the type of love anyhew it great
no, that's about the same treatment I get from my mom when I sass her, but I'm black so...
This is me some days. Other days I typically come up to strangers and start full-blown conversations and people look at me like Dafuq
This is me but I'm also very loud in public then people are looking at me like "is she okay?"
OOHH!!!! SHÌTS BOUT TO GO DOWN!! -grabs a blanket and popcorn- get ready for a show, well story, !!!!

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