Keep Holding On

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Marriah By Marriah Completed
Eloise Danford is a good girl.  She gets great grades, is polite to nearly everybody she meets, has an excellent relationship with her parents, and has never been one to party wildly.  
Things change though, when Ellie's cousin drags her to a party where she's never met anybody.  It seems to be just the freedom she needed to finally let loose and go just a little crazy.  She meets Tyson, the gorgeous, mysterious, green eyed guy who decided to dance with her.
When Ellie wakes up from her wild night out, she decides to try moving past it, but that's not so easy when your school is full of rumor hungry teenage girls who love getting the latest gossip. 
Will she ever be able to move one with that night?  Or will everything always come back to that one night?

cover image from Oana Befort, edited by me.
aww bless! ellie is beautiful! but tyson is sweet...he wants to get to know her i bet, thanks for running cindy
Are you supposed to do something to read the rest or does it really end at her being in bed after the party ? :(
Hey, i think your story isn't that R-rated. Maybe you should change your rating. Just because you would get more readers, i think. I enjoyed it very much and I'm so excited that this book is an watty award entry. Best of luck!
Oh oh my gosh I love this book I was so disappointment when ii saw it wasn't done please update also I like the way u write #team mariah :)
@phoebegardens hahah it's true, they always spout out bits of the bible! :P Hahahaha, oh deaaaar :P