Sweet Madness (Editing)

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Ariana Godoy By cold_lady19 Completed
(2012 Watty Award Winner for Most Popular in Horror) Angeles has a dull life. There is nothing exciting or thrilling about her. However, that was until she met him. He will make her world crumble around her, making her wish she could have her dull life back. Who is he? Who knows? He is whose name shall not be spoken out loud.
your going to call the what? no just wake your sister and let her answer it
then I'll huff and I'll puff and blow your house down..hahaha
me: Did it hurt?
guy: What?
me: Did it hurt?
Guy: did what hurt?
Me: When I kneed you in the balls
My fourth time reading this, Madness is one of my favorite books on Wattpad! :D
just help when this kind of situation happens and help later,gosh
So he's a vampire? Dang, I was really looking forward to Death or a werewolf!