Sweet Madness (Editing)

(2012 Watty Award Winner for Most Popular in Horror) “Don’t make this any harder, Angeles” I swallowed hard. The way he said my name sent a chill through me. How did he know my name? Who was he? “I’m not opening the door” I took a step backwards, looking at my kitchen. There was a knife on the counter, I needed it. If this man tried to break inside my apartment, I was going to fight back. He sighed deeply.
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I read this book twice already, and gosh, I always get those chills. The trailer is AWESOME too.
This is really good! I loved the mystery of it, and the ending was amazing! That guy is pretty creepy too!
@SBacon thank you. its naturally dark brown, put red hair dye on it came out that colour xox
Hey that's a great idea! Let's all go taunt the potential serial killer outside the weak door that can oh so obviously protect us
this first chapters so good! im hooked already. cannot wait to read the next chapter xox
@DuhO2L there are alot of people commenting like this so why don't you go and bug someone else on their comment???

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