Sweet Madness (Editing)

(2012 Watty Award Winner for Most Popular in Horror) “Don’t make this any harder, Angeles” I swallowed hard. The way he said my name sent a chill through me. How did he know my name? Who was he? “I’m not opening the door” I took a step backwards, looking at my kitchen. There was a knife on the counter, I needed it. If this man tried to break inside my apartment, I was going to fight back. He sighed deeply.
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And you say you're a Christian!

*Too long? 
You have spelling errors too!
Yep, that door is called an exit, and I suggest you leave out of it, take your sarcasm with you, and make sure the door doesn't hit you on the way out. ;P
Guess what? It's a fictional story! Ever think of that? I understand that you might not like the story, but keep it to yourself!
I read this book twice already, and gosh, I always get those chills. The trailer is AWESOME too.
This is really good! I loved the mystery of it, and the ending was amazing! That guy is pretty creepy too!
@SBacon thank you. its naturally dark brown, put red hair dye on it came out that colour xox

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Location wouldn't you like to know ;)
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