Its been five years since the war.  Five years since the terrible tragedies occurred. Five years since Harry Potter, along with Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, saved the Wizarding World.  Everything had settled down, and life was perfect. Until Hermione’s world began to unravel, that is.  Hearts will be broken. A Malfoy will fall in love. Surprises are waiting, impatiently,
 around the corner. Friendship will be tested. Betrayals are abound.  Reader, you have been warned.  Enter at your own risk.

A Dramione Fan Fiction

Based off of "Simply Irresistible."
This is exactly like simply irresistible. Wait are you the same author?
I was kinda thinking the same thing but come on! Don't be  so mean!!!
This is one of my favourite Dramiones, there is no crapiness involved it's more "Amazingness"
the book is good so far ill keep reading and let you what i think about it and, Ron can be that shallow
Ditto man ditto I feel like we all just have a connection now
ron would never say those thimg to hermione, come on people if you to create a fanfiction ramain true to their personalities and how they act... future advice 'cus clearly it was not taken here