Finvarra's Circus (Sample Chapters)

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DistantDreamer By DistantDreamer Updated 3 days ago
Born with a damaged heart, Leanna Weston has lived a sheltered life with little chance at adventure.  When she hears that Finvarra’s Circus is coming to her small town, she sneaks off to witness the magic first hand,  sure that this is her only chance at experiencing true magic—even if the frightening rumors about the heartless Ringmaster, Finvarra, are true. 

Caught by Finvarra, Leanna is given one chance at survival: she must join the circus. As slowly she becomes part of the strange family, Leanna learns that there is more than magic to this circus, but an ancient curse that has tied Finvarra's life to its rings. If the circus fails, he dies.

Leanna vows to save the circus, but when a ruthless enemy emerges, set on destroying it and Finvarra, will Leanna be able to save them both, or will her broken heart fail her just when she needs it most?

Cover Artist: Lisa Rhodes
MorrighansMuse MorrighansMuse 4 days ago
What an amazing first chapter. The stakes are set, and the adventure begins...
Serayna Serayna 2 months ago
I can't wait until I can buy a copy of this book. I really hope that it gets picked up by an agent soon --the agents that are considering it would be idiots if they didn't! Good luck<3
AaronHallsworth AaronHallsworth 3 months ago
When will this book be available to buy? I remember reading half of it, then it suddenly vanished.
Ayatmasarwa Ayatmasarwa 4 months ago
I have red your book before you took it down and fell in love with it instantly !!!!
When will you bublish your book ??
And if you do will you send us emails or something ??
Luminousyti Luminousyti 5 months ago
Omg, this is amazing!!! I've only read the first chapter but it sounds great!!
dianatula dianatula 5 months ago
"I see a lot of things that you wish not to see. There is a real world outside of your books, and your daydreams. One that is full of its own magic, magic you won’t ever find in some blasted circus." Brilliant!