Love Across Time. {Book 2} completed

This is book two of You're Not Alone series. Read the first book titled "You're Not Alone," if you want to read this one as it is a series. After returning back to the future with intentions known only to her, she joins hands with Vlade to help him search his missing sister and rescue her from the vicious demon lord. This is a journey filled with Demons, conspiracy, mysteries and twists. it's a story of Love across Time
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Idk  I haven't read ur book sorry but by the looks of this it looks nice ill try :)
When are you going to tuffin her up, I can't believe after all she's been thru she still get frozen with the unexpected
hey Sanaya, amazing series dear, really thoughtful , suspentic and intriguing at the same time, way to go girl!!!!!!!!!! Cheers
I love this book!!! plz keep posting ill literally die if u stop writing jk but plz dont stop writing, youre doing an amaing job! :)

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