Dance to Death {FIN}

Annika was having the perfect life with a normal mom and her amazing best friend Crystal. Then she came. The new girl, Olivia, joined the dance club and Annika instantly doesn't like her. When girls start dying, Annika believes she knows who it is, but what is the new girl hiding? What happens when Crystal start changing and her only hope is the new girl? Everything that Annika loved turned into a disaster when she learns secrets that she didn't want to hear in the beginning. A/N: I know this story doesn't sound realistic but I was REALLY young when I wrote this. Probably 11 or 12 and as I read it now, it just sounds crazy. But if you want to read it, then give it a shot. :D Cover done by: calumsrage A/N: Other photos will be posted soon. Other users who made me covers for this story. forest898, calumsrage, Secret_Verbena Remember, you're awesome and amazing! *THIS WAS PROBABLY MY FOURTH STORY I WROTE. I WAS 12. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. I KNOW THEY ARE GRAMMAR MISTAKES, MISSING WORDS, AND THINGS THAT DO NOT MAKE ANY SENSE. READ FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.*
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did not expect this to be a horro story. it starts so sweet but then changes. deffinantly like this and am going to follow it along
It's a nice start but you could use more description and detail. The plot also sounds like a good story ;)
It flows really good! Keep writing! I really like the title 'Dance To Death. Other than several simple errors really good!
i love the title for the story, nut there were a few errors which i noticed, but other than that it was good.
@VideoGAmer123 You were writing a lot of sentences like "she did this. She did that. That really messes up the flow, so I suggest you fix that.
the format is a little weird and confusing, but I like the idea of the story. It sort of reminds me of Black Swan :)

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