Beaten, battered and bruised by the one person who's supposed to make you happy, Kali has had enough. 
Tearing herself away from the place she once called home she makes a new life for herself. 
Her mate rejected her and that broke her heart and soul. 
Two years pass and now he wants her back, too bad her heart was damaged so bad she went rogue.
Writingfreak89 Writingfreak89 2 months ago
American Horror Story is the first thing that I thought of when I read this
ladanabd ladanabd 4 months ago
darn it ! wish i could rip a chunk of that fake bimbo's hair !
5SOS_FOOD 5SOS_FOOD 6 months ago
What douchbag. Seriously leave alone!  Guys can be some jerks...
missjade2010 missjade2010 6 months ago
@SJMurphy well we think a lot alike because I was thinking the exact same thing.
Dini_Stilinski_Hale Dini_Stilinski_Hale 7 months ago
This is honestly the first book i've read that starts with a guy awesome.
SuvatVue SuvatVue a year ago
How come every werewolf story alway have those pathetic drama... Urg they are so overrated but still cool !!!