Blooming Iris

Iris had lost her twin brother and parents in a horrible car accident three months ago. Now she's homeless and 'mute' and has nobody, until one day she meets a guy named Richard. Richard Price is known to be the youngest CEO in America. When he met Iris on the way to work, he took a fast liking to her, offering her a place to stay. But will she accept his offer? And what happens when an annoying step-brother and fiancée comes into the picture? Cover made by Poisonedbones :)
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Errrr Merrr Gerrrrdddd 
Lol Idk what yu do @angellover254 but im in love already
*respond (sorry, I know I'm worse for yet if it was me I would like it to be pointed out...)
Sure I don't know you but I'll just go with any man that saves me from a pedophile. He could be one too but he's hot so it makes the abuse better
Really? No just stand their mute with no protection as a 16 year old runaway against a big older man.
Old man you better back the hell back before I make you!  and you need to say sorry to and I'll still bust a cap in your butt, but it'll make me feel better
Ok you could of started off with the story at the right time first and shortened the story but....yeah sure

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