Innocent Jeopardy

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yellowflower By yellowflower Updated 3 years ago
Emma Wood is in desperate need of money and when her friend hooks her up as a waitress in a local bar and restaurant, Emma has no other alternative than to agree and take the job. Her financial status is already in deep trouble, but she soon realizes that that is not the only thing in trouble. While working there, she falls madly in love with the owner's son, that is, until she finds out his true identity. But it's too late. She is trapped and has to keep her mouth shut or else...
aww that was so sad and touching. I really feel her emotions.
This is a good prologue to open the story! Great emotions involved here. Argh, cancer is such a horrid thing. Next chapter should be interesting. :)
Nice start! I would suggest not using 'had not' in her thoughts, because no one thinks that formally. 'Hadn't' sounds more realistic :) Aside from that, it's a good beginning :) Keep it up!
i know it's important for the plot but granny havin breast cancer just makes  me remember mine. i can relate to her...
I like it, it is a great story to the story and drags the reader in for more. I like how you have given some information but not enough to give the whole story away. XD
I like your prologue. I'm gonna continue reading this. :)