The Bad Boy's Toy[Eminem Love Story.]

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ღKeneisha Gregory ヅ By ღKeneisha Gregory ヅ Updated a month ago
Eminem saved Kate.                                      
             Not having a single idea that,that one moment...changed his life. 
                        Kate has amnesia and she doesn't tell him because their relationship wasn't suppose to be 'serious,' Just a game. The normal regular trend couples do in Hollywood just break up and go their separate  ways...but fate does a complete flip,and the closer they get together is the more Kate lies about her secret.                  Why?                                                                                           Because when you love someone you'd do anything to be near them,even...             if it means pretending to be someone you're   'not.'  
                                                  .                                                                                                Unrated-(warning)-Language and Explicit •Sexual Martial.•
It's got a ring to it don't it? Sh, momma's only gone for the moment (LOL SORRY I HAD TO! XD like the story so far :3 <3)