Inner Demon (Old Version)

When you hear a voice inside your head, does it scare you? Not me. It doesn't scare me anymore. I've long since learned to live with the demon inside my brain. Of course, everything in life has to come with a cost. For example, loosing control and almost taking a human life. I tried to tell them, tried to explain that I never meant to hurt anyone; government wouldn't listen. Now the only thing I have to look forward to is pain and DNA tests. I think it's time I fought for my freedom. The freedom to die in control of my own body and soul. (This story isn't finished, and I am no longer going to be updating this version. Please feel free to read it anyways.)
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Love it! write more soon and also i am going in watty awards this year too with a story! So do your best too!
@_Moonie_  You are an EXTREMLY good writer. Can't wait for the next chapterrr!!! <3
@_Moonie_  Oh my gosh. THIS IS AMAZING! I love how the demon calls her darling!:D

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