The Hunger Games: Survival

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_yoursupremeempress By _yoursupremeempress Updated 3 years ago
~Hunger Games fanfic~
We all first met Vierra Alcorn through the eyes of Katniss Everdeen during the 74th Hunger games. This is my version of events told from the point of viwe of 'Foxface', the tribute from District 5 during the 74th Hunger Games. 


Vierra Alcorn only wanted one thing in her life- to be free of the arranged marriage that was inevitable for all the residents at District 5. She only wanted freedom, to feel her hair in the breeze, to feel her feet pounding the earth. To be equally powerful to anyone else.

But what you want isn't what you always need...

What happens when Vierra is given the one ticket out of her preplanned life, only to lead into a distater that can't be out run.

The Hunger Games
@yoursupremeempress hah!  me either  until i found out  they were the edible kind of underwear.
@yoursupremeempress Not for my underwear lol.  but yes it was a good thing. lol.
No  I remember seing the trailer for it and almost pooped my pants.
@yoursupremeempress AHHHHH .. imma be the first one in line im excited
@yoursupremeempress I know i will..  I am a huge hunger games fan.
Snowdrop07 Snowdrop07 3 years ago
FoxFace!!!! I always thought she was the one to watch, although obviously she wasn't...