In Love With My Bully Jacob Perez

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This story is about a girl named Tania who faces many challenges in her life especially one that she gets bullied everyday by Jacob and sometimes even Jacob's friends here and there but she doesn't tell anyone not even her friends which is kinda messed up its whatever they don't really find out until.... You wanna know what happenes in this book click Start Reading.
Name callay
Age 16
Hobbies dancing singing soccer basketball volleyball
Personality I am very crazy wild at times and love to have fun parties Betta be tunn up its fair to say I'm ratchet at times yea I'm very crazy in other words cray cray
yasss i love it so far and i love it exactly me but anyways cant wait until part 1
@salineluvinmb_143 ohh yea and i love to play sports 
and welcome thank u to
everyone say happy birthday to  my dad R.I.P i love you and miss you dearly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cast Calls: Idk wat u mean by that
Name: Tania
Age: 16
Hobbies: Swimming, mall,singing,reading
Personality: Funny,never fake,y.o.l.o. lol 
Pick me cuz i read all ya stories
Main character
Anyone you pick
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