In Your Eyes

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Cuilwen By Cuilwen Updated 2 years ago
Sergeant Emmeline Jones had it all, well as much as one could have working as an Explosive Ordinance Disposal specialist in the middle of the Sudan. However, when an explosion goes wrong, it takes more than the man she loved with it. Brought back to the States, Emmeline must learn to cope in her new condition, without the comfort and camaraderie of her fellow troops, or succumb to the darkness.
liveoutloud23 liveoutloud23 2 years ago
this is great! You have a really awesome style of writing! :)
samsababi samsababi 2 years ago
i realy like this opener and would love to promote you on my blog fictional stardust if you would let me? :) x
A5HL3IGH A5HL3IGH 3 years ago
A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!! i love the way you write. its so descriptive and beautiful
XxSwimmer_ChickxX XxSwimmer_ChickxX 3 years ago
This really caught my attention, your description is amazing.