Did I Fall In Love With the Wrong Person?

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_LokiCraze123 By _LokiCraze123 Updated 4 years ago
Myra is a new student in her new school called Iris Academy where mostly rich and smart people goes. She wanted to live her new school life as a normal student, but when she meets three guys known as Three Stars, everything changes. They are the three most hottest guys. They're just perfect. The worst part however is Myra's falling inlove with the worse person ever, but there's a reason behind his meaness and she's trying to find out.
bookwormsnake96 bookwormsnake96 3 years ago
i know you said there would be more info in the next chapter but a bit more general info wouldnt go astray..good plot..i think i will like the meaness :D
McDadey_Doo McDadey_Doo 4 years ago
You are amazing right now I'm working on a story called Callie's list I'm not done but you might like it when it's done
KeroroRo KeroroRo 4 years ago
This story is starting of great! I'll be sure to read the rest of the chapters!!:))
finnie finnie 4 years ago
Ha ha i agree with the skipping thing. That's funny. I don't think your start is boring - keep going. :D

And thx for reading my story 

-lockharts -lockharts 4 years ago
♥I really like this chapter, and how descriptive you were about the Three boys.♥
chaterboxxx chaterboxxx 4 years ago
He started skipping? lol that's cute. Nice job on the first chapter