The Life of Katie (On Hold)

***Sorry, guys. This ones on hold until further notice :(*** Did they see me? They can't of. How could they? Trying to look as innocent as possible, I boarded the train. I escaped. They'd be after me soon. How could people do these things? When did it become illegal? Why did the government keep looking the other way? Meet Katie. Enough said.
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Sounds great cant wait to read it. 
My friends name is Katie
I love how you convey so much with so little! Keep it Up! x] I'm gona read the whole story xD
There aren't enough stories around with the name Katie lol good job I liked this a lot
But you are very detailed. That's what I enjoyed about it. :)

Have a great day Katie. :)
this is depressing but its very good im very surprised u dont have more voted comments and reads (:
Spotted a few spelling errors, but nothing too bad. In my opinion the dialogue should be separate from the paragraph, but again, it's pretty good.

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