Ask Dem CreepyPastas

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Xena, or Zee for short :3 By XenaGrace Updated 5 months ago
The Creepypasta's are here to answer your questions and dares! :D Make 'em dirty, sad, I DONT CARE!!! Every question will be answered :D  *Edit  Every question will NOT be answered...I said that back when I got like 5 questions per thing now I get over 100 xD
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To anyone who can answer: what's it like to kill? I've always wanted to know!
                                    Please ask this girl out fake ben. (Sorry, but I have a suspicion that the real ben is mad for asking that, so I'm saying fake ben.)
I dare everyone to dress as the lead singer of their favorite band.
Jane is da sheet screw dem haters! (I still like Jeff more doe)
Talk about uncreative! Seriously? Jane the Killer?! Fûck that.