Ask Dem CreepyPastas

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XenaGrace By XenaGrace Updated a month ago
The Creepypasta's are here to answer your questions and dares! :D Make 'em dirty, sad, I DONT CARE!!! Every question will be answered :D  *Edit  Every question will NOT be answered...I said that back when I got like 5 questions per thing now I get over 100 xD
alicehanjad alicehanjad 7 days ago
jeff, what would you do If a girl said she had heard about your story, and said it wds sad, and started to cry?
i hate her too. I saw that Jeff and her had a thing and it made me mad. >:(
My CreepyPasta is Dark Angel BTW
BlackWingedCrow BlackWingedCrow a month ago
I dare Jeff and liu to adopt a panda and rays it as one of there own. :)
shadow1400 shadow1400 2 months ago
(for Zalgo,BTW its a dare :3)I dare you to run around the house screaming,I HATE CREEPYPASTAS.
EvaRogersProxy EvaRogersProxy 2 months ago
(for Masky) Is Brian (aka Hoodie) actually dead? WTF happened?
lovedepp200 lovedepp200 2 months ago
I dare everyone to respect and obey also give slendy what he wants for 5 years

I dare the author to not use le time skip for 10 weeks.

I dare slendy to let ms. slendy to stay at the mantion for 10 weeks. NO LE TIME SKIP OR ELSE *BRINGS OUT CHAINSAW* I WILL CUT YOUR FUDGING HEADS OF.