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The Creepypasta's are here to answer your questions and dares! :D Make 'em dirty, sad, I DONT CARE!!! Every question will be answered :D *Edit Every question will NOT be answered...I said that back when I got like 5 questions per thing now I get over 100 xD
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WHO IN THE FUCKING CREEPYPAST WORLD PLAYS MINECRAFT if so who wants to troll and grief them FANGIRLS should have both
To all of the creepypastas
Did you ever cut?
Cause I did
No questions asked
Or I will get herobrine
and also Jane, i know what u feel about u and Jeff....not saying u should get back together but ......argghhhhhh! its so hard to explain!!!!!!
I dare be to shave of a piece of maskys hair and keep it in a pot and pretend to treasure it then when masky realises Ben says it was jeff and they argue
I dare slender to ........................... Not be able to telaport for a day :~3
I'm sorry about your Papi but I have a dare for slendy: I dare slendy to have a weird and awkward talk with Ben about *drum roll* thier "relationship"

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