Morning Psalter (Weekly Writing Competition)

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Richard Higley By RichardHigley Updated 4 years ago
A touch of winters beauty and sound
I very much enjoy a poem that draws on the mystic quality of the Greek gods/goddesses. This is a lovely captivating piece of art.
@RichardHigley   He is my loner. He is a great horse and lonely fits him . Best cutting horse i ever trained . Marie
@RichardHigley  How i knew that i dont know but i think you have to be as close to nature as possible to write with such knowledge thanks Richard my horses name is lonely Marie
WOW!!! Mother Nature is even smiling for such a wonderful begining to her and my day . You describe the things i see as i ride out to check stock i try to ride my horse as much as possible and you had to be with me to describe this as i see it thank you Marie
Excellent nature poem and Gaia need the voice of poets and writers to sing her praise.  Well done.  LPF, Olan
Exquisite!  Just what I needed to start the day...lovely poetry to lift the soul!  I love it and it is going to my library!   Thank you Richard for this awesome work! ;~)