Morning Psalter (Weekly Writing Competition)

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RichardHigley By RichardHigley Updated 3 years ago
A touch of winters beauty and sound
EyesOfRain EyesOfRain 2 years ago
I very much enjoy a poem that draws on the mystic quality of the Greek gods/goddesses. This is a lovely captivating piece of art.
teardrops5 teardrops5 3 years ago
@RichardHigley   He is my loner. He is a great horse and lonely fits him . Best cutting horse i ever trained . Marie
teardrops5 teardrops5 3 years ago
@RichardHigley  How i knew that i dont know but i think you have to be as close to nature as possible to write with such knowledge thanks Richard my horses name is lonely Marie
teardrops5 teardrops5 3 years ago
WOW!!! Mother Nature is even smiling for such a wonderful begining to her and my day . You describe the things i see as i ride out to check stock i try to ride my horse as much as possible and you had to be with me to describe this as i see it thank you Marie
CottonJones CottonJones 3 years ago
Excellent nature poem and Gaia need the voice of poets and writers to sing her praise.  Well done.  LPF, Olan
Amuse-bouche Amuse-bouche 3 years ago
Exquisite!  Just what I needed to start the day...lovely poetry to lift the soul!  I love it and it is going to my library!   Thank you Richard for this awesome work! ;~)