Every Night

Every night, right before midnight, when another long day is done and the whole world is sleeping, I leave our house on the cliff and head down to the beach. As my bare feet hit the soft sand, still warm from a day in the heat, and my lungs take in the cool night air, it reminds me of the moment I first met you.
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How lovely and poignant - hope it isn't true - but even if it were what a love you must have...              VT.
Whoops that "et" was a typo. Darn, uncontrollable touchscreen keyboard! :p OK that's all.
No words to say how truly amazing i thought  that was, WOW is one thing but it doesnt do it justice, best thing i have ever read!!
Again. Your writing has moved me to tears. Just thinking of that kind of love... Your amazing!
waw ok u just made me cry whooo  i want this love love that never ends u are amazing i think i love u lol keep it up
i love the idea of the undying love yet bittersweet loneliness that comes with it you are amazing

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