Every Night

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Paul By Paul Updated 3 years ago
Every night, right before midnight, when another long day is done and the whole world is sleeping, I leave our house on the cliff and head down to the beach. As my bare feet hit the soft sand, still warm from a day in the heat, and my lungs take in the cool night air, it reminds me of the moment I first met you.
How lovely and poignant - hope it isn't true - but even if it were what a love you must have...              VT.
Wow, that was just breathtaking and so full of raw emotion, I loved it!
Ok, so I had no idea... that this would even be so... I mean you just... really know how to jerk a tear... or two.. ok a whole lot -.- Seriously though, I can't stop reading everything you've written xD
Whoops that "et" was a typo. Darn, uncontrollable touchscreen keyboard! :p OK that's all.
Once again, I`m spechless. Your work of art is just amazing. It takes you into another world. 

Your talent is rare, and it`s obvious that everything you write comes from your heart. Keep it going.
Wow just oh my freakin god WOW dude that is like AMAZING every one of ur poems captivates me it's amazing the way you write is so unique! Do you write from experiences? Coz its amazing ur words flow on the page brilliantly! Man u have a freakin talent PLZ keep writing more!!!