No one knows how it started… no one knows where they came from; all we know is that they are here and that if we don’t protect ourselves, we could turn into one of them…
    The world has been infected, with a disease. Avery is only fifteen years old and death is all around her. She, along with a few others, managed to survive in their small society. Avery doesn’t think her life will ever change, and she will always have to live with The Dead around her.
    But then there is a mistake. The Rulers have been hiding something from them. What happens when their society gets attacked?
Wow I'm so glad I found this story it's really good so far and I can't wait to continue reading!!!
D: Poor Avery! That is beyong cruel what the Ruler did. And I feel so bad for her because her dad :( ...Reading on, voted! :)
It is a good start :) I will keep reading to see how better it gets
this is very cool and to the point! I will read more since im so into your story now!!!:D
The first page almost sounded like they were vampires, but when I got to the second page, It sort of clicked it was about zombies. XD   Nicely written story~!
I think this could be super cool!!! i think its a really good start!!! you should upload more!!!