A Human Maid For A Vampire Prince

Mikayla Evans was just an ordinary girl with a life that no one else would ever want. So, she made a deal with a vampire - Aaron Thorn - in exchange for her 'death' in the real world, she's to be a maid for the Prince of Vampires. Mysteries start to unravel in her life and the drama comes along with it. A human, in the magical world of witches, warlocks, werewolves and vampires. She, was the only one to have ever seen this world - alive. Everyone else was dead really. Mikayla will soon find out that she isn't as ordinary as she always thought she was. Adding on to that, the royal Prince wasn't exactly the way she thought he was the first time they met. But due to the complications in the other world, she'll find that even a maid - but not just any maid - a human maid could really spur some trouble...
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they've known each other for less than 2 months. How can they be in love? It's silly
i saw anime and i was all like 'YES! I CAN IMAGINE THIS AS AN ANIME! x3' and that was what i was doing from then on xD great book btw.
I love your story hope i can write like u tell me me if my story is good its called "water nymph"
This is an amazing story and i cried and felt mikayla's heart ache cuz i just went through the same thing
oh hun! you want  bit of constructive criticism? don't make her so young. make her atleast 19.
lol........I hope she ends up with Aaron.....He would be good for her.....Alex doesn't seem settled although he likes her.....he won't admit it.....

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