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Book 2 - Vincent Tucat is the most talked-about Lord in Harael, and that's not exactly a good thing. Dozens of Lords have been robbed from, and they all suspect he's the one behind it. To keep things from getting worse, he must track down an elusive thief who disguises himself as a wraith. At least, Vincent hopes it's a disguise . . .
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And this settles it. I'm going to read it. Now! Until I fall asleep. 

PS. Your writing style is really cool.
Okay that's it I can't resist anymore  I HAVE TO READ IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p 
I feel so excited :D
I just got way too excited when I found out there isn't just one, there are two sequels!!!! *squeaks in excitement*
I can't wait to read this book! Poor Vincent is a trouble magnet unfortunately and I'm kinda hoping he gets himself out of it. :)
For some reason the journal writing part reminds me of the Redwall series....is it just me or what?
Could I just say how much I appreciate that Vincent prefers anecdotal writing?;)

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