Book 2 - Vincent Tucat is the most talked-about Lord in Harael, and that's not exactly a good thing. Dozens of Lords have been robbed from, and they all suspect he's the one behind it. To keep things from getting worse, he must track down an elusive thief who disguises himself as a wraith. At least, Vincent hopes it's a disguise . . .
I would be interested in seeing Theo's writing style some day. I imagine it would be.....
Love this. Read it to my sister and I completely confused her. It was awesome!!
And this settles it. I'm going to read it. Now! Until I fall asleep. 

PS. Your writing style is really cool.
Okay that's it I can't resist anymore  I HAVE TO READ IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p 
I feel so excited :D
I just got way too excited when I found out there isn't just one, there are two sequels!!!! *squeaks in excitement*
I wasn't supposed to read this yet.
I am literally reading five other books at this moment in time, and I had told myself I was going to finish them, before I started this.
Um.. never mind? I guess I'll probably have finished this by Monday.
Aaron, you're slowly taking over my life.