Artificial Intelligence

Kiera Thornton is not your average girl. She doesn't go to school. She's trained by a society even more infamous than the CIA. Her latest mission? Being a bodyguard. For who? The son of Richard Mason, a candidate for the presidential seat in the USA. But everything is not as it seems. Kiera finds herself engulfed in a world of machines who are set to protect the world from an outside invasion. But as tensions increase and the stakes get higher, who do you trust, and who do you kill? Kiera doesn't trust the machines, but she has no proof. She thinks they're planning something. What? Their own invasion. Starting from the highest rank.
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@Munni101 Yay! i hate it when people wait over a month to upload. Even a month I can do, but 3? nuh uh. I absoultly ADORE your story!
I know you said not to make assumptions, but I swear I saved this as soon as you said robots. ^--^
getting interesting here! lol
hope u post the next chappie soon! xP 

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