A Short Christmas Story

Faith didn't believe in Christmas, or anything to do with the holiday. What happens when she is forced to see the upside of having Christmas?
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Just when I thought that Faith was turning into a good person, you threw it out the window with that last sentence. *sighs* It shall come in time, though.
I agree with edgerheeder...Damn you're good :P No but seriously...this is amazing...WHY DOES SHE HATE CHRISTMAS!?
Check the 3 sentence it doesn't make since to me. What's missing or what im I missing.
Oh Nick, your a tricky lil devil lol! Or angel I guess would be more appropriate :)
I found the Grinch's new best friend; Faith. And Nick (St. Nicholas anyone?) is adorable.Hopefully he'll be able to change her mind...
It's like a little present everyday until Christmas! Almost like the 12 chapters of Christmas, but a few more than that lol!

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