The Importance of Being Kept

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"The Importance of Being Kept" is the third and last interracial business romance trilogy which consists of our favorite characters from “Loving Mia” and “Kept” combined. 

Kaitlyn and Taylor's twin sons, Darren and Bryan have grown up to be very important business men in California. They run their own security business in the financial district and live in most expensive penthouse in the city.  

Mia, Kale, and Aidan's fraternal twins, Kia and Brandon, have just graduated from college with business degrees.  Kia is proud to be 23 and ready to start her life. Brandon already runs a club in the city. 

When Kia tries to leave for New York with her best friend Kaylee, all hell breaks lose with these two families. 

Please read the Introduction for a more detailed description of the story. 

A romantic comedy filled with passion, drama, and love.
@CeceMoreau Lol you never know. Their kids would probably end up going through this with Kaylee and Brandon child(ren).
omfg I'm so excited I could cry happy tears yes yes yaaaaaaassssss 
wow this sounds like it's going to be as good as" loving mia" I hope so because I loved reading it...I just wish the second book could have been longer and just as" H.O.T"
What the heck is this something that goes on for generations now ?
I'm proud of Brandon! He's growing up. I think Kia is finally getting with the program and is getting closure she needed! I just love Mia and Kale and Aiden!! There so funny!!!! Love this story/series :)