Raiden Storm: Universal Assassin (On Hold)

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Alex Beveridge By SteamPoweredBevers Updated 3 years ago
Over three-million years ago, seven sister planets were formed from combustive asteroids and meteorites, packed together by the pounding force from the sun and surrounding stars and shaped into the form of a miniature version of the Sun. They were spread out amongst billions of other planets, situated in each of the seven major galaxies, also known as the seven universal planes. Archangels were given direct orders by their superiors to watch over these planets, each inhabited by potential "super breeds". The Archangels thought this as the best opportunity to wager a bet: in three-and-a-half million years, the seven planets would finally be judged, and their sins placed into accountancy. If the species delegated to a specific planet were cloaked in such immoral sin, unaccountable and unforgivable to the Archangels, their planet would not suffice, and would ultimately perish and combust, much like the meteorites and asteroids that created them. Every thousand years soon became a signature event for the cruel Archangels: Judgement Day. Unbeknown to the seven species spread between these seven planets, they were pawns in a magnificent game of multi-galactic chess, directed solely by the seven Archangels, until the prophecy was written: a young human male would be the saviour of the universe as we know it, and the downfall of the Archangels..
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