Written In Our Stars *Narry*

When fate brings them together, can reality tear them apart? Narry - boyxboy. My first attempt at this kind of thing and I'm excited!
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She's not even criticizing you Nor your writing.She/he is  simply talking about the character in the book...I mean seriously.
@maddietaylor923  I guess so :) there's like 4 people I see everywhere including you haha
dude . liam was fumbling in his pocket apparently he got you something you would even let him explain . dick hole . but ur so sexyyy

im crying and laughing and just feeling jdjddjdj I love you

author of this story I love you so much
my family does that to me all the time.  and it pisses me off because they get my hopes up
I wouldn't faint. I was at the Croke Park concert on Friday and I was standing pretty close, so I wouldn't faint.

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Name Not Narry? Don't Even Look At Me.
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