Toxic Snow | The Black Widow #2

Alexis Frost is in a lot of trouble. Not only does she have to worry about the Bulgarian mobster that's sworn revenge on her and Archer, but now, there's a copycat killer on the loose and he's using her signature to frame her for the murders of innocents. And as if she didn't have enough on her plate, she also has to worry about her best friend, who's getting involved in all her missions and could eventually get himself killed. Things just couldn't get any worse, but fortunately for Alexis, being a teenage assassin means that she's always ready to fight.
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Hahahahahahahahaha I love that cat!! :D please upload soon I cannot wait for the rest!!!!
@SilvrStake ^u^ ok one-san!! And yeah I'm sorry for that!! Could help myself!! ^-^'
Cool!! I never knew that kitten had so much cattitude!!  I LOVING THIS SO MUCH!! Upload soon please!!
Well we can't have you have a nice quiet time Ms. Frost!! If you do then you'll let your guard down and regret it later!!

Awesome chap!! Hope for more soon!!
@SilvrStake it is both my honor and pleasure my lady!! You are one of the best writer ever!!
So what is this one gunna be about?? I love ur stories they are great and have alot of potential...... Toxic snow is gunna be da bomb rock it lol-rose

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