Unblemished (Watty Awards 2012)

Shay Woods hates being ugly. Her only wish is to be like her sister, Avery- Perfect. But once she is, she's haunted by the cause of her new found lifestyle. Now, Shay realizes the only thing harder than being ugly is being unblemished.
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They say don't judge a book by its cover but I love your cover! Will be reading on to see how the story progresses :)
i dont like when girls want to be skinny
i am skinny and i hate it ........i would give anything to put on some pounds....
You made a situation that seems crazy fiction and obviously made up, seem like something that is realistic... So amazing. I am impressed! Keep writing!
Aw nice video :). 
Ugh, I hate Avery! & what a friend Leah is NOT! >;(( She's stupid. -_-
@ellezbellz Oh i didn't read far enough in to realise it was already fininished...Oops. Well, anyways, your story is good :)
Wow, that was genuinely awesome! Most main characters are perfect and beautiful and whatnot so this was an awesome change! :) Voted.

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