Unblemished (Watty Awards 2012)

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criticalthinkings By criticalthinkings Updated 11 months ago
Shay Woods hates being ugly. Her only wish is to be like her sister, Avery- Perfect. But once she is, she's haunted by the cause of her new found lifestyle. Now, Shay realizes the only thing harder than being ugly is being unblemished.
Funny_bishkit Funny_bishkit 2 years ago
i dont like when girls want to be skinny
i am skinny and i hate it ........i would give anything to put on some pounds....
Charmoile Charmoile 2 years ago
You made a situation that seems crazy fiction and obviously made up, seem like something that is realistic... So amazing. I am impressed! Keep writing!
Aww, that's so sad she wants to be like her ugly personality sister. :(
dialola dialola 3 years ago
hey;))) taking up on your offer to help... how do we get a lot people to read my story? And could you read and tell us what you think about our story..  Thankiesss:D
-brumous- -brumous- 3 years ago
Awwww. Poor Shay. Sorry for the late comment(s) :/ anyway your a great writer!!! You have an interesting plot that will catch people's attention. :) I think your going to get far in the Wattys. :) I love how your writing style, it's unique. :) no onto the next chapter!
live_yuh_life live_yuh_life 3 years ago
@ellezbellz Yeah I know that, I just didn't see it. And no problem