Flowers of Despair (Watty Awards)

7 Part Story 1.2K Reads 36 Votes
cozmobean By cozmobean Updated 2 years ago
Cassie Jenkins has live through the last year in an abusive relationship. She has been married for 16 years and at the death of her Mother In-law something inside her once sweet Husband has snapped. She now goes through Pyhsical Abuse on a daily basis. Will any one save her from this hell? Is her son as safe as she thought? And how will she survive through her affair?
emuemum emuemum 3 years ago
It's nice it's just that sometimes it seems like she's talking to herself but other than that I enjoyed it!
give-m3-love give-m3-love 3 years ago
Very good start! Its very unique too, i like the plot! voted!
Soniador Soniador 3 years ago
The wwwhi was just plain confusing... And I don't get what she means about impact.
MissGuppy MissGuppy 3 years ago
And the last sentence is REALLY intense. I did not see that one coming! :(
Hollybee98 Hollybee98 3 years ago
Hey, this is relly great! I do really like it. Please keep uploading♥
MissGuppy MissGuppy 3 years ago
I have no idea why but im laughing... I love how your characters expresses themselves. I can actually picture myself watching them and its just really funny. Are you british?