Married To A Lynch - A Riker Lynch / R5 Fanfic [Strongly Editing]

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Kate Greenwood was just an ordinary 17 year old. She had two siblings and one best friend, who just so happens to be her neighbor, Rydel Lynch. They've been best friends for the longest and Rydel's mom adores her. Stormie feels the need that she wants to keep Kate around forever because she's the second daughter she's always wanted. Her solution is to force a marriage between Kate and her 17 year old (oldest) son, Riker. But there's one problem: They hate each other. Will Stormie get through with her plan and make them fall in love or will it just be some kind of connection that means nothing? Find out in 'Married To A Lynch', A Riker Lynch Fanfic.  WARNING: Extremely dramatic.           Copyright © 2013  All Rights Reserved.              TRAILER IS IN THE PROLOGUE!
I have read all of this story and the secound one and am actually in love with the storyline love the story! Thanks sooo much in getting me into wattpad!!
One of my favourite books on wattpad...brings back so many memories (wipes tear)
Oh my god danielle Campbell ❤️❤️ I love her !!! :D I know her from starstruck :D
I love the drawn characters in the title. c: their cute drawings.
Oh my gosh.. The girl in the pic is Danielle Campbell!! :3 I didn't realize that until now!! X3
Ahhh!!!! I feel like this gonna be an awesome book!! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡