Joanna(Joey) has spent most of her life since her parents' divorce caring for her three year old brother, Mason. That's what she does while her mother goes out every night with a random guy. Joey's life has revolved around her brother. But when her mother decides that one pair of eyes just isn't enough, Joey finds herself competing for her mother's praise with a babysitter.
Caden's two grades above Joey. He's never heard of her before, and she's never heard of him. As anger flairs and competition begins, Caden and Joey find themselves together more often than either one would like.
Also, don't recommend your stories on mine. It's incredibly rude& I'm getting a little annoyed.
I started staying home alone when I was like eleven why does she need a babysitter?
Ok it's one thing having a babysitter but one from your school that's just embarrassing
"*scoffs* fifteen year olds these days." said the sixteen year old.

wow i think she should me a bit older and she seems childish so wat u got a babysitter wats the big deal
Hmm… foreshadow much?? Lol, "Let me in, Joanna"; "Not in this life time".
I've read it till chapter 10 and I think it's quite boring so I quit.