Death in Her Hands | Discontinued

Description: Having Death in Your Hands seems cool to many people but hunger for death kind of ruins her life. She is the daughter of a Lamia and the daughter of a Vampire. Instead of becoming a mixed race, she is a brand new type of creature - a cursed creature.
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Thanks for the dedication! I'm a little worried that the picture was too small and it's kind of blurry, if you'd like another cover feel free to ask me! :)
Well that was interesting, I like how you introduced the little girl I didnt expect this to be a fantasy..

Unique and original. I like the storyline. Well written and beautifully portrayed. I actually think this is really good ;)
''The dead audience...'' Creepy :) Why always children are the bad ones in horrors? Their creepy smile...Pretty orginal idea, like it. :)
Quite ravishing though I wished for more and you have a very interesting story line you got here. Keep on writing it! :)
Oh my gosh - Lamia! They had those in Merlin (a show in England haha). This was really creepy!! And that little girl...eeesh. :S haha. You write really well.

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