what hurts the most

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_YeahItsMartha By _YeahItsMartha Updated 2 years ago
elizabeth loves her dad, even after he starts to abuse her physically and emotionally, he thinks elizabeth is the cause for her mothers suiside, mason soon to be alpha male fustrated with life because he cant find his mate, he is forced to move to a new town in which he has come across, *gasp* his mate, can he win her love, will they be torn apart all because of an abusive father and his daughters unconditional love for him, will mason ever get the chance to live happily with his mate read it and find out for yourself!!!!
annalise2211 annalise2211 3 years ago
Great story, but I think you should consider getting an editor. If I was her I'd have jumped out the window when I first woke up :P
sneekysnake5636 sneekysnake5636 3 years ago
ooohh im loving this! :) i wonder what happened between alice and masson??? on to the next chapter!
Mynameisamystery Mynameisamystery 4 years ago
@242MaRtHaMoNsTa   I did keep reading! It's great:) (noticed improvement:) on chap. 8 I think... Started story today:)
Mynameisamystery Mynameisamystery 4 years ago
This is really good:) I love it;) However, it was a little difficult to read. I noticed you had a lot of Run-on sentences and huge paragraphs. Other than that it was really great.
ShipperofSlash ShipperofSlash 4 years ago
no offense but u kinda made Mason sound like a girl and stuff..... just saying but i love it!
emt_wanna_b18 emt_wanna_b18 4 years ago
i like it and to mean no offense but paramedic was spelled wrong