The Drug In Me Is You (Ronnie Radke Love Story) [COMPLETED]

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Tiffani Bell (Ratchet Emo) (Sixpack) (Hitler Jesus Mallet) By RonnieJVRC Completed
Ari Vincent is the little sister of Jacky Vincent from Falling in Reverse. What will happen when she moves out of her moms house and moves into a huge mansion with her brother and the rest of Falling in Reverse. How will things play out when she finds herself falling for Ronnie Radke?
    Thanks to SmuttMuffin for the AWESOME chapter
I imagined her saying that with spaghetti flying out of her mouth
She just moved in with the best band ever and she's already leaving to someone else's house? smh
I mean you can get your accent from where you are born because you gain the same accent as the people you're surrounded with daily. And I'm assuming she would mostly be surrounded by americans so she developed the American accent
You don't have an accent just bc you were born in a different country.... It is all about were you grow up j.s.
@bandsarevans you can be British and NA and Italian or she could also be adopted
Just imagine... Ryan will be running around. Ronnie would be mad. Jacky would be screaming because of his hair. And Derek, will just be our special little Derek